Healthy people


Fitness has become lately one of the most popular methods of physical training, having now all the rights to claim the status of mass sport. The word comes from English and it crossed over all linguistic barriers, being translated as 'physical shape', 'physical state', 'general physical training', 'health state', etc.

Deriving from women body building, which was losing its popularity, fitness has recently become an official sport. As a performance sport, fitness requires specific native qualities, like any other competitional sport. The most important qualities are: a balanced bone structure, ectomorf or mesomorf somatic type, skills, speed. For those less familiarized with contests in this sport, we mention that in women competition there are three events: evening dress, swimming suit and a floor gymnastics program.

Coming back to mass fitness, we must specify that, to a great extent, its popularity is due to its accessibility. At first, the methods used in fitness were largely adopted from body building, but then they started to differentiate more and more from those of the other sports. Therefore, we now have a specific method in fitness, with a great diversity of exercises.

Another advantage of fitness is that the training programs can be personalized according to the possibilities and objectives of each person. However, there is a constant in all the programs, and that is the balanced development of at least three motion parameters: strength, resistance and mobility - physical qualities which are closely related to the health state that fitness involves. This specification is necessary, because it makes the difference from the doping cases (in these situations, the sportsman's physical shape can be outstanding, while his health state is definitely not).

The training programs include a very diverse area of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. The programs can be taken no matter of age, as long as they are done under competent supervision and are well assimilated. It's possible and it's even advisable to change the training programs from time to time in order to avoid routine and revive participants' interest. The diet and the program of rest and recovery are very important. Sport dietetics has developed significantly lately and it is now specialized according to different sports, so fitness has its own nutritional recommendations, meant to sustain physical effort and recovery after training.

In fitness, physical exercise is, up to a certain level, a means of relaxation in itself. However, there are also other methods of recovery, like sauna, massage, reflexology, hydrotherapy, etc.

Besides the obvious benefits that the body has from fitness, the psychological effects of the training programs are remarkable and this type of physical exercise can even have a prophylactic role in depression and psychological instability.

All the advantages of regular practice of fitness can be best understood only during months and years of uninterrupted exercise, when every new program supports the conviction that it is highly necessary to train every day.


People in the 21st century live in a super-charged society where fast-paced activity always seem to take priority over out basic need to get sufficient sleep. Today's active lifestyle is so enticing, that many individuals compromise the need to rest and get enough sleep. Because of this attitude, many persons are experiencing malfunctions in the brain, slowed reaction time, and the ability to focus attention. Oftentimes, these factors leads to lack of quality judgment in many minor and important situations. Lack of sleep may take its toll on one's lifestyle and performance. On the contrary, many adults who get adequate sleep are happier and are more productive.

Indeed, sleep has many health benefits that have often been taken for granted by many. But because of the stress of today's lifestyle a lot of people have been experiencing difficulties in getting quality sleep. Recent medical studies show that food regimens and activity may play a critical role in determining one's sleeping patterns. Some foods may improve sleep while others can make sleep difficult. Instead of trying food supplements that induce sleep, medical specialists suggest that people who want to improve their sleep should make wise choices in their diets.

Foods that promote quality sleep may include green leafy vegetables, whole wheat grains, cereals, and mushrooms. Fruits like bananas and berries; spices like basil and sage may also aid in sleep problems. Common method of sleep like a glass of milk is essential in improving one's sleeping patterns. Milk contains tryptophan, a kind of amino acid that is converted into serotonin, a kind of hormone that controls sleep. Other foods that contain tryptophan are turkey, honey, egg whites, and tuna.

On the other hand, foods that should be avoided are foods that contain caffeine which may include-chocolate, cocoa, colas, and some over the counter and prescription medicines. Spicy foods should also be avoided because they may cause or ingestion or gastrointestinal reflux. Sweet or fatty food may also lead to ingestion and cause bloating. Eating too much should also be avoided because too much meals may cause indigestion, heart burn or discomfort.

Some advice for achieving good sleep may include the following:

* Establish a schedule and stick to it; sleep when you are sleepy but try to get up and go to bed each day at about the same time.

* Use a fan or other means of creating a steady, soothing sound to drown out other noises.

* Reduce alcohol and caffeine intake; avoid caffeine after noon and don�t use alcohol as a sedative before bed.

* Get heavy curtains or shades to block out bright light early in the morning if you are awakening earlier than you�d like.

* Check your medication list. Because some medicines can interfere with sleep, ask your doctor or pharmacist about the medicines you take.

* Refrain from vigorous exercise within several hours of bedtime.

* Avoid heavy meals or excessive fluids within an hour or two of bedtime.

Although the use medication and other food supplements are not prohibited, individuals who want to use medication to aid them in their sleep should always consult doctors before taking them. These people should bear in mind that the best way to improve sleep is eat the right food.